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HR Arts Factory

Arts industry concept planning lab

audio experimentation | eBook  dramatization

recording & script development | copyright administration


Full script available for stage developers &r publishers by request.

Available in

courier 12pt, or

times new roman.

Exclusive ww rights 

available to interested parties.


The Arts-shed 

HRAF is a self-funded home studio lab, based in Canberra, Australia.

This is one of a number of arts-industry concepts being designed for commercial and community use. The HRAF 'arts-shed' was set up in 2018. A small, informal but dynamic team of collaborators arrived thereafter. Several of the team are talented industry veterans with 30+ years each in arts-technology, stage-performance and recording.


This range of skills allows us to easily work across script development, experimental audio, licensing and project visioning/budgets. Interest from theatrical sectors is always welcome, as early interest and encouragement, assists us to do first readings and recordings, to advance a concept toward commercialisation in the future. 

Friendship Seven Controls


Image courtesy Ohio State University

Flight Time: 4hrs 55mins Distance: 121,794 km

Fuel: 27.4 kg Capsule Weight: 1352 kg

Av. Speed: 28,200 km/hr Av. Orbital time : 88 mins /per orbit

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